AspenTech InfoPlus.21 Systems & Solutions

AspenTech InfoPlus.21 Systems & Solutions

Industrial Technology Systems Ltd (ITS), an AspenTech partner systems integrator specialises in the design and implementation of AspenTech InfoPlus.21 (IP.21) systems and solutions for a wide range of industries.

InfoPlus.21, AspenTech’s information management system for real-time manufacturing processes, provides a powerful and versatile development environment which unlocks knowledge, adds company value and contributes to regulatory and reporting compliance.

Aspen InfoPlus.21 (IP.21) is a core element of AspenTech’s aspenONE Production Management and Execution applications.  It gathers and stores large amounts of process data for analysis and reporting, providing the nucleus of a plant and enterprise-level manufacturing integration platform.  By using IP.21, businesses can access embedded process knowledge enabling them to create actions which fulfil objectives and meet company targets.

This impressive process data repository gathers information across process control, manufacturing operations and business systems.  Its built-in modularity and scalability enables it to support advanced control and optimisation, process modelling, batch analysis, quality assurance and scheduling applications in a broad variety of industries.  

Its manufacturing and process applications feature: environmental compliance history; operator interfacing; batch monitoring and analysis; engineering analysis interface; management information, and SPC/SQC.

The key features of AspenTech’s InfoPlus.21 are:

  • A process data historian and applications development platform
  • Flexible, real-time database
  • Event-driven applications engine
  • Multiple, configurable history repositories
  • Over one million real-time records and custom objects supported
  • Rapid retrieval of historic data
  • Direct record access through search tree technology
  • Steady-state write speed up to 50,000 points per second
  • Systems accommodation up to typically 400,000 tags
  • Unlimited archival storage

InfoPlus.21 brings multiple benefits to companies:

  • Faster root cause analysis bringing prompt and improved business decisions
  • Improved engineering workflow processes and control strategies
  • Enhanced decision support, customer service, cost efficiencies and operating performance
  • Quality information with a high degree of reliability which increases plan efficiency and global productivity
  • Skills control and cost reductions through the delivery of remote information to the experts

The key benefits and attraction of the system are broken down into: Analysis, Visualisation; Object-Oriented, Real-Time Application Environment; Access to Process Models Online; Enterprise-Ready Architecture, and Events.

  • Aspen Calc wizard-driven, scalable calculation engine for production calculations
  • Aspen Calc helping users build calculations without needing programming languages
  • Advanced Analysis and Intelligent Decision Support tools to support operational excellence initiatives
  • Cutting edge object-orientated environment
  • Microsoft Windows-style GUI
  • Support for Microsoft COM and ADO


  • Variety of desktop, web and portal-based visualisation options to address specific plant and enterprise needs:
  • Aspen Process Explorer for detailed trending and analysis of process data
  • Web.21 for publishing process data to the web and providing real-time, rich content in Java-driven process graphics
  • Event.21 for managing and displaying process events with time-series data
  • Excel add-in for process reporting applications

Object-Oriented, Real-Time Application Environment

  • Users can create own applications quickly to solve business-specific problems, based on Aspen SQLplus
  • Embedded drag-and-drop calculation engine
  • SOA-ready web services adapter for business intelligence applications
  • Fast application development matched by low support and upgrade cost
  • Fosters creativity by technical staff to solve problems
  • Fulfils querying and reporting functions

Access to Process Models Online

  • Works with Aspen Online Deployment for real-time decision support without programming, by providing connectivity to online engineering models
  • Automatic periodic execution of process models without programming is available (Aspen Plus, Aspen HYSYS and Aspen Customer Modeler), using real-time conditioned data

Enterprise-Ready Architecture

  • Makes extensive use of standards enabling re-use of information to reduce ownership costs
  • Uses ISA-95 and WitsML standards, covering workflows in production data management, production analysis and drilling
  • DCS independent
  • Tight integration with Windows/Active directory security
  • Flexible communication architecture for firewall security (OPC, native, or message-based integration)


  • Database detects state changes through event-driven asynchronous processing
  • Events trigger automatically in real-time based on user-defined or time-driven criteria

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