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Automotive Code Readers

Automotive Code Readers

Automotive manufacturers are using Direct Part Mark Identification (DPMI), a process of marking products with a 1D or 2D code to track the parts through the full manufacturing cycle. DPMI is key in error proofing initiatives as it removes manual entry errors and provides critical data for warranty, safety and liability issues.

Industrial Technology Systems Ltd (ITS) offers three types of automotive code readers for DPMI:

Fixed mount automotive code readers are most appropriate for processes where parts are handled automatically and moved by a conveyor or robot. The readers are mounted in one position and the 1D or 2D codes are presented to the reader in the same position at all times.

Presentation automotive code readers are also mounted in a fixed position. Once a part is presented to the reader, it detects and reads the code. Presentation code readers run continuously and they provide a fast solution for reading codes where parts are handled manually.

Hand held automotive code readers are most appropriate for manual handling processes or reading codes that are difficult to locate. The hand held readers can be corded or cordless.

ITS’ team has extensive experience in configuring the following code reading solutions, capable of tolerating distorted and inconsistent codes, and changes in product presentation, contrast, lighting and focus:

Fixed Mount Hand Held
 Cognex DataMan 100S  Cognex DataMan 700 Series
 Cognex In-Sight 5110  Cognex DataMan 6400 
 Cognex In-Sight 5411  Cognex DataMan 6500
 Cognex In-Sight 5413 Cognex DataMan 7500
Datalogic 2000 Series  Datalogic DLC6000 Series
 Datalogic 4000 Series  Datalogic DLC7070 Series 
 Datalogic 6000 Series  Datalogic Dragon Series
 Datalogic Matrix Series  Datalogic Gryphon Series
  Datalogic Firescan Series
Datalogic Heron Series
Datalogic Lynx Series

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