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IQ, OQ & PQ Services

IQ, OQ & PQ Services

Industrial Technology Systems Ltd’s (ITS) IQ, OQ and PQ services ensure that adequate testing is performed, and documentation and records are produced to demonstrate that equipment, or systems, have been commissioned correctly and that the system or process function is fit for purpose. With the company’s background in systems integration, ITS’ engineers understand engineering processing principles and have expertise in the majority of baseline software systems.  This level of knowledge and understanding, either directly with the engineer or via their ability to call upon that knowledge within the Company, is advantageous during the IQ, OQ and PQ stages of the project lifecycle.

Our engineers understand the difficulties in programming systems and the need for well written maintainable code, and often their familiarisation with the packages enables them to offer an effective and efficient service.

ITS’ engineers have been offering IQ, OQ, and PQ validation services since 1991, and have built up an excellent reputation in the industry through a range of validated projects delivered to AstraZeneca, ConvaTec, Eli Lilly, GlaxoSmithKline and Piramal, to name a few.

ITS’ IQ, OQ and PQ services include the following activities:

Installation Qualification
ITS’ Installation Qualification Services involve the provision of testing and documentary evidence to prove that the equipment, computer systems, facilities and processes have been installed in compliance with the design specification.

Operational Qualification
ITS’ Operational Qualification Services involve rigorous testing and documentation of results to verify that the equipment, computer systems, facilities and processes operate in compliance with the design specification.

Performance Qualification
ITS’ Performance Qualification Services involves testing activities and the production of documentary evidence to prove that the equipment, computer systems, facilities and processes reliably and consistently produce high quality products that meet the project specification.

ITS’ validation team can undertake the required level of ‘hands on’ validation and qualification activity needed by today’s regulatory environment. The requirement for test facilities, staff and written specifications can all be met using our experienced engineers, or a combination of your own resource and ITS team members. Either way, the partnership will yield Good Manufacturing Practice, unambiguous results and rigorous test activities needed to demonstrate compliance.

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