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ITS’ Vision Inspection Seminar Goes On Tour

11 May 2012

ITS, TekSis and Cognex are taking their Vision Inspection Seminar on a tour of North East centres in a summer roadshow that will prove the value of vision inspection.

The series of free seminars will demonstrate to local companies how vision technology will improve their competitiveness, enhance their product quality and increase manufacturing performance.

The sessions will demonstrate how vision technology delivers a reduction in costs and waste, but increases in productivity and quality, with the added bonus of zero defects and accurate traceability.  Vision inspection systems are multi-function and bring multiple benefits - for example they can reliably and accurately inspect the integrity of packages, verify the correct assembly of products, and ensure labels and codes are present, correct and legible.

The seminars are being held in Newcastle on June 13, Darlington on July 12, Sunderland on September 13 and Middlesbrough on October 4 – all from 9am to 12noon.  And it’s not three hours of hard-sell technology talk.  There will be real examples used to demonstrate both how easy it is to use vision, and how quickly vision can make a difference to a company’s business.

Unexpected quality problems can have a devastating commercial impact and even damage an unblemished reputation.  Vision inspection can avoid deliveries being rejected through quality issues, and address the following key issues:

  • Variable Print Inspection
    o Date, batch and price code verification
    o Overprint registration checks
    o Print quality assessment 
  • Package Verification & Conformity
    o Incorrect, missing or damaged labels
    o Missing or cocked cap or seal
    o Damaged or missing product
  • Product Traceability
    o Package & product identification
    o 1D & 2D data matrix code reading

The seminars will also demonstrate that by using vision systems at multiple points in a production process, the following tasks can be performed:

  • Inspection for defects
  • Accurate measurement of parts
  • Inspection of patterns
  • Counting of products
  • Orientation of products for robot picking
  • Presence/absence of items
  • Colour monitoring and sorting

Booking a place on the seminar is recommended because places are limited.  All you have to do is complete and submit the booking form at

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