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Allen-Bradley PLC-5 to ControlLogix Upgrades

10 September 2007

Industrial Technology Systems Ltd (ITS) is offering upgrades from Allen-Bradley's PLC-5 to ControlLogix, the latest PLC solution from Rockwell Automation.

Allen-Bradley’s ControlLogix is a powerful controller which uses the Logix5550 processor and provides a reliable and superior approach to a range of control applications.

As a modular system, ControlLogix is a flexible solution that can be used to control individual equipment and machinery or large integrated control architectures. ControlLogix can also be easily connected to a range of intelligent plant devices, and other control systems, because of its flexible communications structure.

Different levels of upgrade are available, i.e. the processors can be upgraded in a new processor rack, but still reutilise the existing I/O modules. This allows for a staged upgrade process and reduces the initial implementation costs, permitting shorter shutdown periods and less cost impact to companies’ working processes.

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