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Free On-Site Machine Vision Seminars

14 January 2008

Industrial Technology Systems Ltd (ITS) is offering Free On-Site Machine Vision Seminars to demonstrate how vision technology can improve quality and reduce manufacturing costs.

The seminars, which can be arranged to suit client needs, on-site or at ITS’ premises, will demonstrate how machine vision systems can reliably inspect the integrity of products, accurately identify components for traceability, verify the correct assembly of products and ensure labels and codes are present, correct and legible and more. 

The seminars can be used to demonstrate how machine vision technology can be used to address the following key issues:

Variable Print Inspection

  • date, batch and price code verification 
  • overprint registration checks 
  • print quality assessment

Package Verification & Conformity 

  • incorrect, missing or damage labels 
  • missing or cocked cap or seal 
  • damaged or missing product

Product Traceability 

  • package and product identification 
  • 1D and 2D data matrix code reading

Error Proofing and Quality Assurance 

  • gauging and inspecting products 
  • verifying and inspecting products 
  • colour sorting parts 
  • inspection of graphics and text

If your company is interested in investing in vision systems to improve your production performance you will benefit from an ITS machine vision seminar. 

The seminars are available to companies interested in using machine vision, with an audience of six or more and can be tailored to meet your company's needs.  

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