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ITS becomes a Cognex Partner Systems Integrator

10 February 2005

Industrial Technology Systems Ltd (ITS) has recently signed an agreement with Cognex to become one of its UK System Integrator (SI) Partners for Pharmaceutical vision applications in the North of England, and for all types of application in the North East of England.

As partners, both ITS, an integrator of vision systems and Cognex, the leading machine vision systems manufacturer, will offer complete turnkey solutions from feasibility studies, the design and implementation of vision systems through to documentation, training and support.

David Drew, Marketing Manager for Cognex in Northern Europe says: “Cognex has selected ITS to be one of its key UK Partner System Integrators.  Cognex chose ITS for its excellent track record in providing turnkey solutions to manufacturing customers and considerable experience in delivering validated solutions to pharmaceutical customers throughout the UK.”

“By combining Cognex's market-leading machine vision and traceability solutions with ITS' expertise in systems integration, our two companies can deliver best-in-class solutions to manufacturing customers.”

ITS has been involved in the design and implementation of vision systems since the company started in 1991. Cognex, the world’s leading machine vision manufacturer, has shipped more than 200,000 vision systems since the company started in 1981. ITS’ expertise, complemented by Cognex’s proven track record, makes ITS and Cognex the ideal choice for a complete vision solution.  

As a partner, ITS receives service and support from Cognex’s vision specialists, including regular training courses to ensure that ITS’ engineers maintain an up-to-date awareness of the latest developments not only in Cognex’s suite of products, but in machine vision in general.

The Cognex Partner System Integrator Programme aims to provide customers with superior service standards, as both Cognex and its partners are 100% committed to responding efficiently to queries, and both teams are dedicated to satisfying customer needs throughout the lifecycle of a project. With the expertise of two parties and Cognex’s wide array of systems – from vision sensors to PC-based programmable systems - ITS’ team is able to choose the most appropriate system to meet their customers' needs.

The benefits of vision inspection systems - accuracy, speed etc. - are all certainly true, however many potential users of the technology still do not realise the full end benefits to their process: better compliance with manufacturing regulations, reductions in returned products, improvements in quality and lower manpower costs, to name a few. ITS and Cognex aim to raise the level of awareness by educating prospects and customers through a range of vision seminars and workshops, that will demonstrate the capabilities and benefits of machine vision technology.  The first seminar, Passport to Machine Vision Success, is taking place on the 23rd March 2005 at ITS' Head Office in Middlesbrough.

In a recent sales and marketing meeting at ITS’ office in Middlesbrough, the enthusiasm from Cognex’ and ITS’ sales and marketing team was apparent. The partner companies worked together to plan a strategy for 2005. ITS’ team will continue to target manufacturing companies throughout the UK and Ireland. Cognex and ITS will focus predominantly on targeting pharmaceutical and medical device companies in the North of England, and a wide range of manufacturing organisations in the North East of England.

“The relationship with Cognex is an exciting opportunity for us," said ITS' Managing Director Malcolm Knott. "Although vision technology has always played a significant role in our service provision, the partnership with Cognex will add to our skills portfolio and will enable us to offer a wider range of machine vision solutions to solve our customers' problems. It’s refreshing to work with a company that is so dedicated to making the partnership work.  We are looking forward to expanding our vision business through the strong relationship with Cognex”.

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