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Sort Allocation Computer Systems (SAC)

ITS offers real-time Sort Allocation Computer Systems (SAC) based on modern supportable platforms including Microsoft SQL and ICONICS technologies. The software solutions manage baggage movements throughout a terminal, from check-in desk to the sort-destinations.

ITS’ SAC systems are flexible allowing changes in your handling systems to be easily integrated without the need to re-code the solution; hence providing scheduling of baggage movements related to flights, which can be modified easily to deal with equipment failures or changes in baggage handling locations.

The software solutions provide powerful sort algorithms to sort baggage by flight, class, and onward destinations, facilitating correct routing of all baggage. Whilst the systems offer the automatic allocation of sort-destinations based on an imported flight list, the manual allocation of sort-destinations by carrier and flight can also be customised and re-scheduled using an intuitive user interface.

The SAC systems provide automatic planning features based on departure time and configurable rules. They also manage scheduling conflict management, and provide real-time reporting and alarming where chute use overlaps are identified.

The SAC solutions can be integrated with baggage handling SCADA systems and FUSION AIMS to offer complete visualisation and data provision in one platform.

The SAC systems also provide a number of additional features including:

  • An interface suite that allows seamless communication with IATA Telex and Xml messages (via SITA and ARINC host systems)
  • Automatic integration of flight information updates from airport FIDS to ensure changes in flight schedules are effected by the baggage handling system
  • Support of communications with IATA Baggage Source Message and Baggage Processed Message formats
  • The ability to configure the system to generate Baggage Processed Messages back to SITA and ARINC host systems

The SAC systems deliver significant improvements including:

  • Ensuring smooth running of baggage operations and real-time accurate routing
  • Flexibility to carry out manual planning, where required, to create the Sort-Plan
  • Improved live-system status reporting, baggage locations and Sort-Plan on any digital platform e.g. tablet, mobile or PC
  • Automatic alarms to alert airport users to any problems
  • Cost savings in initial implementation and when changes to your handling system are needed

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