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Understanding Corrective and Preventive Action Systems (CAPA) Training Course

Course Title:Understanding Corrective and Preventive Action Systems (CAPA) Training Course
Course Delivery:

The Understanding Corrective and Preventive Action Systems (CAPA) Training Course can be delivered in a hotel, one of our offices, or your premises. The course content can be tailored to meet your requirements. Request a quote for an onsite course.

Course Duration:1 day
Course Overview:

ITS’ Understanding Corrective and Preventive Action Systems (CAPA) Training Course provides an understanding of how to run effective Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA) systems that will benefit your business and satisfy the regulators.

The CAPA training course covers areas that can cause confusion including terms, definitions, deviations, non-conformances and use of corrections, corrective and preventive actions.

Course activities include applying the CAPA system and root cause analysis to a potential real case scenario.

Course Content:
  • Investigate what a CAPA system is
    • Terms, acronyms and their application
    • What is CAPA and why is there so much emphasis on the use of CAPA in the regulated industry?
    • How utilising the Global Harmonization Task Force’s structured approach to CAPA can help cure problems
    • How the overall approach of CAPA is meant to work, including the links to change control
  • Consider regular misconceptions of CAPA systems, and misinterpretation of terms
    • If a corrective action is instigated then there must be preventive action implemented … or not?
    • The use of the terms corrections, corrective actions and preventive actions
  • Reflect on regulatory expectations
    • Regulatory requirements
    • Review common system and human failings that have a negative effect on CAPA and the business
    • Common FDA and EU regulator inspection findings including FDA warning letters
  • Investigate use of root cause analysis to determine needs for a correction, corrective action and what may be a preventive action
    • Review of different methods such as Cause and Effect, Flow and Process Charts, Mind Mapping
    • Utilise risk management techniques
    • Documenting CAPA activities
  • Investigate the subject of Human Error
    • Review human characteristics and factors that could play a role in human error
    • Identify different types of human failure
    • Review ways of addressing human failure
  • Apply and review CAPA case studies to enhance course learning
    • Identify potential deviations and what needs to be done
    • Use different potential real activities to apply CAPA
  • Review learning and summarise effective CAPA systems
    • Personal reflection and group summary of how to define effective CAPA systems

Open Course Dates:
Understanding Corrective and Preventive Action Systems (CAPA) Training Course
3 September 2019, Northamptonshire, £546+VAT per learner.
Understanding Corrective and Preventive Action Systems (CAPA) Training Course
24 October 2019, Near Manchester Airport, £546+VAT per learner.
Understanding Corrective and Preventive Action Systems (CAPA) Training Course
21 November 2019, Northamptonshire, £546+VAT per learner.

GROUP BOOKING DISCOUNT - Book more than one place on an open course and receive the following discounts:

  • 10% discount on second place
  • 20% discount on third place
  • 25% discount on fourth place

Group booking discounts cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

Cost includes tuition, lunch and training materials. Download a printable version of the Booking Form and Terms and Conditions.

Onsite Courses:

This course can be delivered to a group of up to 12 delegates at your premises. Request a quote for an onsite course.

ITS offers onsite training courses delivered by an English-only speaking trainer for companies in Europe and Worldwide. ITS has delivered courses to delegates from a number of countries including Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Jordan, Russia, Sweden and Switzerland.


“Course content was excellent and the handouts will be useful for future reference.”
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“It will be very useful in the future.”
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“Useful and good training with a very helpful trainer.”
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“Good job! Well done!”
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“Very good.”
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“It was really useful to hear these topics in a well-structured way.”
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“The training was very useful.”
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ITS Tutor's Experience:

ITS’ Regulatory Compliance Services’ Manager, Elizabeth Vaughan, has developed extensive knowledge of this specialist area from over 30 years’ industry experience working with Sanofi, Bristol Myers Squibb, Diomed Developments and Vifor Pharma UK. Elizabeth has worked in quality roles within the laboratory and pharmaceutical industry, and gained extensive experience in global quality systems and regulatory affairs, as well as ISO 13485, ISO 9001 and cGMP compliance. Throughout her career, she has been responsible for sharing her knowledge through the design and delivery of a range of training courses for production personnel including Good Manufacturing Practice, Change Control, Deviation Management, Electronic Record Compliance, Validation and Management of API Suppliers/Manufacturers. Elizabeth also has extensive experience in providing quality and GMP training to improve the performance of site quality managers.


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