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GMP Training

To ensure we all receive the highest possible standard of healthcare, companies involved in healthcare products’ manufacturing must follow strict procedures to be certain of product quality:  Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

In meeting product quality, healthcare manufacturers have a duty to check that their suppliers are fulfilling their obligation in supplying materials, components, services and equipment which is likewise fit for intended purpose.  Therefore suppliers will also benefit greatly by understanding what GMP means to their customers.

The enforcing regulatory agencies use the rules and guidance to inspect companies to ensure their products are consistently manufactured in accordance with GMP, to verify that the product is always fit for its intended purpose.

Companies must therefore make sure their staff follow GMP at all times, paying strict attention to detail to continually ensure product quality.

Keeping the topic current and making everyone aware of current GMP can be a challenge.

Industrial Technology Systems offers the following GMP-related training courses, to help companies, big or small:


GMP Fast Track Freshers Training Programme

“Very logical training course, which will allow me to understand and implement GMP practice back at work.”
Open course delegate

“Great content for complete ‘fresher’ as I am – very informative and useful.”
Open course delegate

“Enjoyable course overall with relevant content to my job function.”
Open course delegate

Introducing GMP

“Very informative and useful information that will go towards making some improvements within our non-GMP facility.”
Sigma Genosys Ltd

"I enjoyed this course very much and will take on board what I have learned. A very professional teacher.”

"Excellent. Very interesting and a variety of media used.”

"Excellent training course - throughly enjoyable.”

“Enjoyed the course.  It raised awareness across other departments.”

“It was an excellent course, which I can highly recommend for all supervisors using GMP.” 
Open course delegate

“Alan’s style was excellent. It was the right mix of theory and interactive.  A very enjoyable course.”
Open course delegate