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Bottle Fill Level Inspection

This vision system inspects the fluid level in pharmaceutical bottles to verify the correct fill level and prevent unacceptable product from reaching the market.

A single Cognex In-Sight vision sensor inspects the level, using a single white LED backlight to silhouette the bottles and remove confusing reflections from the glass surface facing the camera.

The system can perform the following functions:

  • Warn of problems at filling machine
  • Prevent unnecessary labelling of unacceptable product
  • Prevent unacceptable product reaching market

Features of the system:

  • High performance Cognex In-Sight vision sensors
  • Robust camera housings to IP67
  • Washdown LED backlights
  • Robust inspection tools to identify failure mode
  • Virtually maintenance-free system
  • Simple HMI showing bottles to allow reject images to be displayed
  • Simple interface to line PLC allowing rejected bottles to be tracked through to reject stations

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