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Tyre Identification

This robust vision application system is used to identify the tyres which flow through a single point in the manufacturing plant.

Tyre identification is dependant on two factors:  the order of the colour bands around the tyre, and the tyre diameter.

Two Cognex In-Sight vision sensors capture both aspects.  The first camera, a Cognex In-Sight 5100 is mounted two metres above a tyre positioned over a backlight, permitting measurement of the diameter from the silhouette.

The second colour camera reads the colour pattern from the tyre face using colour detection tools.

The features of the system:

  • Ability to read the tyre pattern robustly and identify the pattern from many dozens of available patterns
  • Only one PLC interface required as a master/slave arrangement gives control of the second camera from the one receiving triggers from the PLC
  • A simple HMI allows system monitoring by the production staff
  • Stand alone system which can be left unattended if required
  • Security prevents access to configuration items by the operator

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