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Weld Inspection

Missing or visibly faulty welds in automotive components are detected by a robot-mounted Cognex In-Sight vision sensor.

An In-Sight 5100 PatMax® is used to identify whether MAG welds are present or not. The robot carries the camera around the part and triggers inspection at a pre-programmed position.

High speed digital outputs report each inspection result to the robot.  Input to the camera is via digital I/O, setting any variable parameters whilst the robot is moving, ready for the next inspection.

The system can perform the following functions:

  • Prevent incorrect, defective and potentially unsafe product being delivered to the customer, avoiding punitive cost
  • Ensure that only correct and fully assembled parts are taken into the next stage of the process
  • Allow re-work of failed components prior to further assembly to reduce waste and re-work costs

Features of the system:

  • Robust industrial Cognex In-Sight vision sensor
  • Longlife LED lighting that can be turned off when not in use
  • Digital I/O interface to the machine robot to select program numbers and receive results
  • Direct serial interface to production tracking system
  • Cognex high flex power and Ethernet cables for robotic applications

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