Stemfest 24

ITS is excited to be participating in the upcoming Tees Valley Careers Exhibition. This event is a significant gathering in the North East, featuring around 40 prominent local companies. It's a unique opportunity for businesses to engage directly with the future workforce and showcase the diverse career paths available in the region.

The exhibition is designed to be interactive and engaging, with companies invited to conduct hands-on activities that reflect the dynamic nature of their industries. ITS will be among these businesses, providing fun and informative sessions tailored to young people's interests and curiosities.

A key highlight of the event is its focus on the younger demographic. Over 1500 students, aged 10 to 13 years, from various schools across Tees Valley, are expected to participate over the two-day event. This presents a fantastic opportunity for ITS to contribute to inspiring the next generation about potential careers and the various job roles they might pursue in the Tees Valley area.

The event promises to be an enriching experience for both the students and the participating companies, fostering connections between education and industry and highlighting the region's vibrant career opportunities. ITS is proud to be part of this significant event and looks forward to engaging with the young attendees and other local businesses.