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Real-Time Locating Systems

Industrial Technology Systems Ltd (ITS) offers scalable Real-Time Locating Systems, for locating and tracking products, people, equipment and assets across entire manufacturing, processing, and warehousing facilities.

The SIMATIC RTLS (Real-Time Locating System) can be a key component in a corporate digital infrastructure strategy and the design of a factory of the future. Intelligent devices such as robotics, automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and state-of-the-art automation equipment need to understand what assets, products, people, and equipment is where, and when.

The SIMATIC RTLS locating platform achieves this accurately and reliably. It locates objects with accuracy measured in centimetres and makes the positioning details available to higher-level systems in real-time.

Using SIMATIC RTLS relevant objects such as workpieces, tools, AGVs, robots or people, are therefore fitted with a transponder. The transponder signals are picked up by a higher-level system, which calculates their position and provides the information to the intelligent automation systems and manufacturing units in real time. The system enables alarms to be configured to alert the workforce to reduce the risk of health and safety hazards and non-compliance.

The solutions are flexible and additional units can be added to the individual components at any time – right up to a company-wide infrastructure. This makes the technology attractive for companies looking to take their first steps towards a Digital Enterprise.