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Black Start Systems

Industrial Technology Systems Ltd (ITS) has been providing black start generator system solutions integrated with main plant control systems for over 10 years.

The black start generator systems are designed to reduce the loss of grid connection, or loss of primary on-site generation system services that cause ultimate loss of power on-site.

ITS’ solutions range from traditional PLC and SCADA solutions to DCS based control systems, designed to manage the control of the black start system by disconnecting loads from switchboards, to allow the black start systems to be brought on line, providing local power and grid synchronisation to enable reconnection to the grid and or the restart of the on-site primary generation system.

Systems provided by ITS are linked to intelligent switchgear using GOOSE and IEC 61850 for high speed inter-tripping of 11KV switchboard breakers, through PLC and DCS technology back to the front end operator interface.

Remote access and support services are also provided by ITS’ team and the provision of testing services are built into the control systems, to allow proof testing of the black start systems, when needed.