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Load Shedding Systems

When the demand for electricity exceeds supply sometimes users need to be cut off from power to prevent the whole system from collapsing. This is called load shedding.

Industrial Technology Systems Ltd (ITS) provides load shedding systems, designed to cut load on switchboards in the event of loss of connection of the grid, to allow the standby generators to provide power to key loads on site.

Load shedding systems detect the loss of main grid supply and the standby generators start and then activate a load shedding sequence to disconnect lower priority loads to ensure that the standby generation capacity will exceed the load demand from the site.

The systems detect the restoration of the grid or main generator and then reverse the load shedding by bringing connections back to the grid to return to normal.

Remote support is available from ITS, and the systems are designed for proof testing to ensure that the systems work as required when called upon in an emergency situation.

Systems are deployed with standard load shedding control system hardware and will link to central SCADA (or standalone SCADA) where the load shedding profile list can be updated and modified by appropriate users.