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Process Fire and Gas Systems (F&G)

ITS' Fire and Gas Systems (F&G) are designed to protect plant personnel and plants from hazardous conditions. By monitoring areas where a fire or build-up of a potentially flammable environment may occur, the F&G Systems can detect hazardous events, alert personnel and initiate timely actions in order to minimise the consequences of a critical event.

Connected to a number of detectors, ITS’ F&G Systems can also interface with an Emergency Shutdown System (ESD), to initiate the automatic shutdown of the plant should a hazardous event occur and are typically delivered as part of an Integrated Control and Safety Shutdown (ICSS) System and are usually DCS based with technologies such as Siemens PCS 7 amongst others.

ITS’ Fire and Gas Systems can monitor conditions and collect data e.g. flame, gas, smoke, temperature, rate of rise, and provide the facility to collate this data. ITS has experience in implementing F&G systems using client Cause and Effect diagrams and for ongoing support and proof testing as part of the safety system maintenance activities.

ITS has experience in the design, installation and testing of F&G systems for gas compressor stations, Combined Heat and Intelligent Power Systems and on gas decompression stations.