Technical Director

Mark Taylor

The first six years of my career after leaving Huddersfield Polytechnic as it was then, was as a control systems engineer and I worked for a local multi-disciplined engineering house which gave me great insight, knowledge and practical experience of other engineering disciplines such as civil, structural, mechanical and piping as well as that of my chosen career path, control systems engineering.

As an engineer now with over 30 years experience, I started at ITS in 1996, quickly became a Projects Manager (in 1999) managing our process controls team across both sides of the Pennines with a team of up to 15 people delivering all manner of automation and control projects.

I have an interest in helping others learn the things I have learned over the years - it's important that we develop the next generation of people who join our Company.

As Technical Director, my technical abilities have enabled me to help solve our clients challenging problems and enhance their operating profitability from the solutions we have delivered.