Chemical Manufacturing

Chemical Manufacturing

Expert Solutions for Chemical Manufacturing Processes

At ITS, we are dedicated to offering holistic solutions that cater to the distinct needs of the chemical manufacturing industry.

Our services encompass a diverse range of processes, including large-scale continuous operations for basic and intermediate chemicals, as well as batch processes for speciality chemicals.

Our proficient team is adept at creating and deploying software systems that comply with S88/S95 standards, ensuring smooth integration with hardware systems such as PLCs and DCS-type applications.

This enables us to deliver bespoke solutions that cater to the exact requirements of our clients, all while upholding industry-leading safety standards.

ITS Expertise in Large-Scale Continuous and Batch Operations

ITS offers a diverse range of solutions that encompass process control for large-scale continuous operations in basic and intermediate chemical products and materials, as well as batch processes for speciality chemicals.

In today's chemical landscape, data acquisition and analysis are critical, and that's why we've designed and built real-time monitoring systems that can help you make informed decisions based on accurate and reliable data.

Our turnkey solutions are comprehensive, covering everything from the design and construction of process plants, vessels, pumps, and pipework, to E&I systems and cabling.

Safety and CDM responsibilities are paramount to us, and we ensure that all our systems adhere to the highest standards and comply with industry regulations.

Our systems are utilised in plants producing a vast array of products, ranging from petrochemicals, plastics, inorganics, fertilisers, paints, gases, coatings, and detergents, to personal care products.


Regulated Industry Automation Solutions for Chemical Manufacturing


Business Operational Solutions

ITS specialises in designing personalised business operational solutions that cater to the specific requirements of the chemical manufacturing sectors. Our experienced experts excel at providing state-of-the-art solutions that enhance operational efficiency, empower informed decision-making, and foster organisational triumph.



Management Information Systems

Our team understands the critical importance of real-time, accurate data in informed decision-making across large-scale continuous operations in basic and intermediate chemical products and material. We provide advanced management information systems that empower clients with efficient data management, analysis, and reporting capabilities.



Process Control Systems

Our specialised process control services are crafted to enhance operational performance and efficiency in Chemical Manufacturing. We seamlessly design, implement and maintain customised control systems, utilising cutting-edge technologies to deliver dependable and efficient solutions.



Project Management & Engineering Services

Across the chemical manufacturing industry, we understand the distinct character of each project. Our APM-registered project management and quality engineering services precisely match your needs. Whether you need outsourcing or in-house support, our flexible solutions guarantee project success.



Vision Systems

At ITS, we understand the critical importance of precise process control in chemical manufacturing. Our automated Vision Inspection and RFID tracking solutions save time and resources. With seasoned professionals, we excel in crafting, implementing and sustaining tailored vision systems.


Your Trusted Partner for Chemical Manufacturing


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