Unlocking Precision and Efficiency with ITS Vision Systems

At ITS, we specialise in delivering turnkey machine vision systems tailored to your unique requirements.

Whether you need to address a quality concern with a single inspection task or are planning to establish an entire production line or factory equipped with a network of vision systems, our dedicated team possesses the expertise to craft a solution that precisely aligns with your needs.

From the initial feasibility study to system configuration, installation, fixture design, machinery supply, training, and ongoing support, you can trust ITS to work closely with you at every stage of the process.

ITS Vision Systems: Comprehensive Solutions for Success

At ITS, our comprehensive vision systems solutions encompass the following key elements:

Vision Evaluations: We conduct thorough assessments to determine your specific vision system requirements.

Vision Systems Configuration and Testing: Our experts configure and rigorously test the vision systems to ensure optimal performance.

Lighting Selection and Integration: We carefully choose and seamlessly integrate lighting solutions to enhance system accuracy.

Vision System Fixtures: Our team designs and provides fixtures tailored to your unique needs.

Machinery Supply: ITS offers a wide array of machinery options crucial to the success of your vision system.

Control Panels: We provide state-of-the-art control panels to efficiently manage your vision systems.

Data Acquisition Systems: Our solutions include data acquisition systems for comprehensive information gathering.

Training: ITS offers comprehensive training programs to empower your team with the skills needed to maximise system performance.

Call-Out Support Services: We provide responsive support services to address any issues that may arise during operation.

Success Stories

National Grid’s Churchover site currently receives gas from the North only. This gas is compressed and piped off the station for delivery...

Streamlined Turnkey Vision Systems for Seamless Manufacturing Integration

We are committed to designing robust machine vision systems that operate seamlessly within your specific manufacturing conditions.

Our turnkey vision systems encompass a wide range of components, including fixtures and machinery such as handling equipment, robotics, conveyors, packaging machinery, labellers, printers, marking equipment, bespoke machinery, and reject mechanisms.

By overseeing the entire project, we eliminate the communication challenges and coordination issues that often arise when multiple suppliers collaborate on a single project, ensuring a smooth and efficient implementation.

Expertise in Machine Vision for Diverse Industries

Our vision systems engineers are well-versed in various aspects of machine vision, including part location, product inspection, measurement, Optical Character Verification (OCV), Optical Character Recognition (OCR), code reading, and colour detection.

With extensive experience across diverse industries such as aerospace, automotive, food & beverage, medical devices, nuclear, packaging, and pharmaceuticals, our team is equipped to tackle the most complex challenges.

How ITS can help?

At ITS, we are committed to helping you derive the maximum value from your investment. We achieve this by leveraging our knowledge, systematically evaluating tools, making informed choices, and executing projects with confidence to ensure your vision system fulfills its objectives.

The importance of lighting and product presentation cannot be overstated in the design and implementation of machine vision systems. With our in-house development facilities, you can rest assured that ITS' vision systems are meticulously crafted to provide the reliability and assurance you seek.

Discover the power of precision and efficiency with ITS vision systems—your trusted partner in machine vision solutions.