Safety Commitment

ITS Ltd. has grown out of the industrial automation field, while it may not be mentioned everywhere, we want to assure any prospective customers that SAFETY is paramount at ITS – our existing customers already understand this.

Everything we do has safety in mind. Providing thousands of projects into operational plants, offices and remote field stations has led ITS to have many thousands of hours in ‘On Site / Live’ situations, and we have a record we are very proud of.

ITS can boast, 0 RIDDOR accidents throughout its entire 30+ year history.

Our project delivery has ‘safety requirements’ like Risk Assessment, Threat & Controls, SRAM (Site Risk Assessment Method) PRAM (Project Risk Assessment) and many others with a suite of HSE documents which we can select from and utilise, our engineers carry out formal training with accreditation for Site Safety Passport and are well versed in site induction and safety training.

ITS – a Safe pair of hands in every respect.