Power & Energy

Power & Energy

Comprehensive Power and Energy Industry Solutions from ITS

ITS is your trusted partner for comprehensive and innovative solutions designed to meet the unique needs of the power and energy industries.

With a wealth of experience supporting local power generation across various sources, including nuclear, gas, and renewables like solar, wind, and combined heat & intelligent power (CHiP) systems, we are committed to ensuring your operational success.

Our dedicated team of experts is laser-focused on delivering reliable, efficient, and sustainable solutions to optimise your power and energy operations.

Whether you require assistance with designing, constructing, or maintaining your power generation facilities, we possess the expertise and experience needed to guarantee your success.

Advanced Control Systems for Safe and Efficient Operations

At ITS, we offer state-of-the-art control systems that harness cutting-edge technologies to ensure the safety and efficiency of your operations.

Our solutions are centred around industry-leading Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), Process Safety, and Process Fire & Gas systems, providing you with the tools essential for optimising your processes.

Our control systems provide real-time monitoring and precise control of critical operations, enabling swift responses to any issues that may arise. This not only boosts efficiency but also minimises downtime and enhances safety.

We work closely with our clients to create custom control solutions tailored to their specific requirements. Our expert team is here to assist with the design, construction, and maintenance of your control systems.


Regulated Industry Automation Solutions for Power & Energy Sectors


Business Operational Solutions

Our expertise lies in crafting customised business operational solutions tailored to the unique needs of the power and energy sectors. Our seasoned professionals are adept at delivering cutting-edge solutions that optimise operational performance, enable data-driven decision-making, and drive success within the industry.



Management Information Systems

Our team recognises the paramount significance of real-time, precise data for informed decision-making in extensive, ongoing operations within the power and energy sectors. We offer advanced management information systems that equip clients with efficient data handling, analysis, and reporting capabilities.



Process Control Systems

Our specialised process control services are tailored to boost operational performance and efficiency within the power and energy sectors. We seamlessly design, deploy, and maintain customised control systems, harnessing state-of-the-art technologies to provide reliable and efficient solutions.



Project Management & Engineering Services

In the power and energy sectors, we acknowledge the unique nature of each project. Our APM-registered project management and quality engineering services are meticulously aligned with your specific requirements. Whether you seek outsourcing or in-house support, our adaptable solutions ensure the success of your projects.



Vision Systems

At ITS, we recognize the paramount significance of precise process control in the power and energy sectors. Our automated Vision Inspection and RFID tracking solutions conserve time and resources. With our experienced professionals, we excel in designing, deploying, and maintaining customised vision systems.



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Process Fire and Gas Systems:

ITS' Fire and Gas Systems are engineered to safeguard plant personnel and facilities from hazardous conditions. These systems monitor areas prone to fires or potentially flammable environments, promptly detecting hazardous events, alerting personnel, and initiating actions to minimise the impact of critical events.

These systems can integrate with an Emergency Shutdown System, ensuring automatic plant shutdown in the face of a hazardous event. ITS' expertise in designing, installing, and testing F&G systems spans various applications, including gas compressor stations and Combined Heat and Intelligent Power Systems.

Load Shedding Systems:

ITS provides load shedding systems designed to curtail power to non-essential loads when grid connection is lost, allowing standby generators to power critical loads on site. These systems ensure that essential operations continue, avoiding undue stress on backup systems and ensuring the continuity of key systems. Our load shedding systems are equipped to detect grid restoration and progressively reconnect loads in a phased manner, preventing sudden grid surges.

Emergency Shutdown Systems:

ITS offers Emergency Shutdown Systems designed to mitigate the consequences of hazardous conditions and protect people and equipment. These systems are compliant with international safety standards and are linked to various detectors, including Fire & Gas Systems. Our ESD systems facilitate the controlled shutdown of process conditions and sequences, enabling quicker plant restarts once the hazardous conditions have been resolved.

Black Start Systems:

ITS has over a decade of experience in delivering black start generator system solutions integrated with main plant control systems. These systems are designed to minimise the impact of grid connection loss or the loss of primary on-site generation services, ensuring the continuity of power on-site.

ITS offers a range of solutions, from traditional PLC and SCADA systems to DCS-based control systems. These systems are equipped to manage the black start system by disconnecting loads from switchboards and providing local power. Remote access, support services, and proof testing are integral components of our black start systems.


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