Elevate Your Barcode Verification with ITS

Incorporating Cognex inline barcode verifiers across diverse industry sectors, including automotive, pharmaceutical, and medical devices, ITS is at the forefront of ensuring barcode readability and compliance with prevailing industry standards.

Automated Efficiency: The DataMan 475V Series

Traditionally, companies have relied on offline, operator-based verifiers, resulting in slow and labour-intensive code checks. In response to this, ITS presents the DataMan 475V series inline barcode verifier, revolutionising quality control processes.

High-Speed Verification and Reporting

The DataMan 475V series offers automated high-speed verification directly on production lines, minimising product waste and enhancing overall productivity.

Operators receive real-time feedback and visual diagnostic information, empowering them to swiftly identify and rectify printing and process control issues as they arise.

Success Stories

An audit was requested by Rhone-Poulenc Rorer (RPR) prior to them placing a purchase order with AB Precision (Poole) Ltd for the supply of an Automatic Function Test Machine for use in the production of metered inhaler (MDI) aerosols products at its Holmes Chapel manufacturing site.

Detailed Traceability and Compliance Reports

Incorporate traceability, process control, and compliance into your operations with ease. The DataMan 475V generates comprehensive reports, enabling verification on high-speed lines without compromising analytical depth. Key features include:

  • Alerts for Quality Decline: Instant notifications when code quality deteriorates.

  • High Throughput: The ability to grade up to 20 codes per second.

  • Flexible Data Export: Verification results can be seamlessly exported to your PLC, database, or FTP server.

  • In-Depth Analysis: Detailed diagnostic information for each code aids in process improvement.

  • Regulatory Compliance: Achieve barcode verification results that meet stringent regulatory requirements.

ISO-Compliant Verification: The DataMan 475V Lighting Attachment

The DataMan 475V is equipped with a four-quadrant, 45-degree lighting attachment, adhering to ISO 15416, 15415, and ISO/IEC TR 29158 standards for grading 1D and 2D codes.

Additionally, ITS includes a calibration card and robust grading algorithms, ensuring strict adherence to ISO and application standards while delivering accurate and reproducible results.

Sophisticated Verification Software

The barcode verification software employed by ITS offers a visual diagnostic approach to pinpoint code quality anomalies, whether they are sporadic or persistent.

The software assigns an overall grade to each code, based on ISO-defined quality parameters.

These parameters evaluate various factors that impact a barcode reader's ability to decode a code accurately, thereby optimising read rate performance across the supply chain.

How ITS can help?

Incorporating Cognex technology and the DataMan 475V series, ITS empowers industries such as automotive, pharmaceutical, and medical devices to elevate their barcode verification processes.

This solution not only ensures compliance with industry standards but also drives efficiency, minimises product waste, and provides detailed insights into code quality. With ISO-compliant hardware and sophisticated software, ITS is your trusted partner for achieving top-tier barcode verification results.