As a trusted partner, we work with companies to provide innovative solutions tailored to their unique needs. 

Our team of experts is committed to delivering reliable, efficient, and cost-effective services, ensuring that our clients stay ahead of the competition. 

With a focus on collaboration and open communication, we develop strong relationships with our partners to ensure their success.


Quality Management Systems


Industrial Technology Systems Ltd proudly maintains ISO9001:2015 certification, signifying our dedication to quality management standards.

Environmental Management


Industrial Technology Systems Ltd is certified with ISO14001:2015, demonstrating our commitment to environmental management excellence.

Cyber Security

Cyber Essentials Accreditation

Industrial Technology Systems Ltd is proud to hold the Cyber Essentials Accreditation, ensuring top-tier cybersecurity standards in all operations.

Climate Positive

Carbon Negative Company

Climate issues are some of the defining issues of our time. As a business, we believe we have a responsibility to do our bit to help protect the planet for our future generations.

As a result of our commitment, ITS is proud to announce that since Oct 2022, we are now carbon negative.


Business Women Business of the Year - Tees Valley Business Awards

2023 Finalist Tees Business Women Business of the Year

Industrial Technology Systems Ltd was recognised as a top contender for the Business of the Year title, highlighting its continued excellence, innovation, and influence in the industrial automation sector.


2022 Individual Won Outstanding Contribution

Joanne has been involved in the chemicals industry on Teesside for many years, working as a project manager, a researcher and a business development manager - in all that time she has maintained her involvement as a mentor to many women in the industry and to girls wanting to develop a career in industry through her various mentoring groups. A very worthy winner of the Outstanding Contribution award

Tees Business Women Awards

2022 Individual Won Inspiring Others

Carole is an 'adopted Teessider' from her native Liverpool but in her short 5 year tenure in the Tees Valley she has grown to be a mentor, not only to the staff at ITS but also to many others across this region - Carole is brilliant at Inspiring Others.

Northern Power Women Awards

2022 Company Finalist Small Organisation

ITS was recognised as a finalist in the Small Organisation category at the Northern Power Women Awards. This noteworthy recognition shines a light on the ITS’s unwavering commitment to fostering gender diversity, equality, and inclusion. With its commendable initiatives and policies that support and uplift female professionals, ITS stands as a beacon of progressive leadership and inclusivity in the industrial automation landscape.

Tees Tech Awards

2022 Individual Won Digital Leader of the Year

In 2022, CEO, Malcolm Knott, was bestowed with the Digital Leader of the Year award by TeesBusiness TeesTech Awards. This honour accentuates Malcolm's visionary leadership, innovative strategies, and relentless pursuit of excellence that propels the digital frontier forward. Under his leadership, ITS continues to navigate the intricate waters of industrial automation with agility, innovation, and distinction, solidifying its place as a leader in the industry.

Tees Business Women Awards

2021 Company Finalist Business of the Year

In 2021, ITS proudly stood as a finalist for the prestigious Business of the Year category at the  Tees Business Women Awards. This  recognition demonstrates ITS's relentless pursuit of excellence, innovation, and impactful contributions to the industrial automation sector. With a team of dedicated professionals, this award demonstrates a blend of expertise, innovation, and a client-centred approach. This nod of recognition attests to the ITS’ robust corporate ethos, where innovation, quality service, and community engagement converge, echoing a legacy of achievement and industry leadership.

Tees Business Women Awards

2021 Individual Finalist Inspiring Others

In 2021, Carole Knott, a member of the Senior Leadership Team at ITS, was honoured as a finalist for the Inspiring Others category at the acclaimed Tees Business Women Awards. This recognition recognised Carole’s consistent contributions to empowering and elevating her peers. With an innate ability to inspire excellence, innovation, and collaboration, Carole’s influential presence continues to be a driving force, enhancing the professional landscape at ITS and beyond.


2020 Individual Won Outstanding Contribution

In the year 2020, Malcolm Knott, CEO of ITS, was accorded the Outstanding Contribution Award by NEPIC. This esteemed recognition is a testament to Malcolm’s exemplary contributions to the world of industrial automation. With a career marked by innovative breakthroughs, visionary leadership, and an unwavering commitment to excellence, Malcolm’s efforts have not only catapulted Industrial Technology Systems Ltd to the forefront of the industry but have profoundly impacted the broader technological and automation landscape.

Malcolm Knott

Aspentech Partner Network

2007 Company Won Solution Innovation Award

In 2007, ITS was awarded the Solution Innovation Award by the Aspentech Partner Network. This prestigious accolade underscored the company’s capability to develop and implement innovative, efficient, and effective solutions in the sphere of industrial technology. With a proven track record of pioneering advancements, ITS demonstrated its unwavering commitment to fostering innovation, driving operational excellence, and delivering unparalleled value to its clients and the broader industry. This achievement marked yet another milestone in ITS’s legacy of innovation, further establishing its standing as a leader in the technological and automation landscape.

Tees Valley Business Awards

2001 Company Shortlisted Services Award

In the year 2001, Industrial Technology Systems Ltd earned a distinguished place on the shortlist for the Services Award at the renowned Tees Valley Business Awards. This acknowledgement underscored ITS’s unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional service, innovative solutions, and unparalleled value to its clients.

Deloitte Fast 50 - Deloitte & Touch Fast 50 Awards

2001 Company Role of Honour-Winner

Another year, another honour, highlighting ITS’s consistent upward trajectory, excellence, and innovative contributions.

Tees Valley Business Awards

2000 Company Won Services Award

ITS’s extraordinary service delivery and innovation were celebrated, cementing its leadership in the industrial automation landscape.

Deloitte Fast 50 - Deloitte & Touch Fast 50 Awards

2000 Company Role of Honour - Winner

ITS’s continued ascension was marked by its second consecutive honour, underscoring its sustained rapid growth and innovation.

Enterprise 2000 - Enterprise 2000 Awards

2000 Company Role of Honour - Winner

The turn of the millennium saw the company lauded for its innovation and growth, marking its standing as a technological trailblazer.

Small Business Award - Tees Valley Business Awards

1999 Company Won

ITS clinched the award, a reflection of its unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence, marking it as a leader among small businesses.

Deloitte Fast 50 - Deloitte & Touch Fast 50 Awards

1999 Company Role of Honour-Winner

This recognition echoed the ITS’s accelerating impact and influence in the industry, a testament to its robust growth and innovative solutions.

Services Award - Tees Valley Business Awards

1999 Company Shortlisted

ITS was again acknowledged for its exceptional service, reinforcing its growing reputation as a reliable and innovative player in industrial automation.

Fast Track 100 - The Sunday Times and Virgin Atlantic Fast Track 100 Awards

1999 Company Role of Honour-Winner

A milestone achievement, spotlighting ITS’s rapid growth and innovative edge, marking its presence on the national stage.

Small Business Award - Tees Valley Business Awards

1998 Company Shortlisted

Industrial Technology Systems Ltd marked its early strides in excellence, being recognised as a contender for the Small Business Award, highlighting its promising start and commitment to quality and innovation.