Vision Systems

Optimising Operations with Cutting-Edge Vision Systems at ITS

At ITS, we understand the importance of reliable and efficient process control for your business to succeed.

The ability to inspect every product or label, to check details and track production can often be time and labour consuming. Automated Vision Inspection or RFID tracking can save significant time and money.

We offer a range of vision system services to optimise your operations and improve productivity. Our team of professionals has extensive experience in designing, implementing, and maintaining vision systems that are customised to your specific needs.

We utilise the latest technologies and tools to ensure that our solutions are reliable, efficient, and cost-effective.

Efficient Vision Systems Tailored to Your Needs at ITS

Our comprehensive vision system services cover everything from consultation and analysis to installation, commissioning, and ongoing support. 

Working closely with you, our team of skilled engineers will gain a deep understanding of your specific requirements and design customised solutions that align with your objectives. 

We are committed to delivering reliable, high-quality vision systems that meet or exceed your expectations.

Vision Systems



Vision Guided Robotics Systems

We specialise in cutting-edge vision-guided robotic systems that revolutionise manufacturing across regulated industries. Our tailored robotic solutions are designed to enhance production efficiency, reliability, and flexibility, making us a leading provider in the field. We collaborate closely with you to configure vision systems and offer essential components that align precisely with your application needs. Our expertise spans various sectors, including automotive, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and more, addressing applications like pick and place, bin picking, component assembly, product sorting, palletising, and product tracking.



Vision Inspection Systems

ITS’s Vision Inspection Systems provide efficient and cost-effective solutions for identifying defects and errors early in the manufacturing process. Our range of affordable vision sensors and systems can inspect park location, dimensions, colour, text, codes, and textures with fine resolution. Additionally, our 3D vision solutions provide micron-level accuracy for measuring length, width, height, tilt, or volume, and can generate high-resolution 3D images across wide production lines. Improve operational performance, decrease waste, and ensure customer satisfaction with ITS Vision Inspection Systems.



Deep Learning Solutions

ITS is at the forefront of deep learning inspection technology solutions in partnership with Cognex, a leader in machine vision. Cognex's Deep Learning technology, driven by advanced machine learning algorithms, seamlessly integrates AI with In-Sight D900 and VisionPro software, offering automated solutions for tasks like part localisation, assembly verification, defect detection, classification, and character reading. ITS empowers its solutions to address crucial challenges, such as precise part localisation, unpredictable defect detection, OCR under challenging conditions, and defect classification for improved quality control.



Code Verification Solutions

ITS leads the way in code verification solutions by integrating Cognex inline barcode verifiers across diverse sectors, including automotive, pharmaceutical, and medical devices. Their innovative offering, the DataMan 475V series, transforms quality control with high-speed, automated verification directly on production lines, reducing waste and enhancing productivity. Operators receive real-time feedback, enabling quick identification and resolution of printing and process control issues.



Service Level Agreements (SLA)

We appreciate that many companies do not have all the engineering resources they need to provide 24-7-365 cover, so we provide support and maintenance contracts through Service Level Agreements (SLAs), including the facility for 24-7-365 call-out cover and the provision of routine activities. Our SLA services are designed to be flexible, to meet your specific requirements in order to improve your company’s performance, by increasing process reliability and uptime.


Your Trusted Partner for Vision Systems


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