Enhancing Control in Manufacturing and Processing

In the dynamic landscape of manufacturing and processing industries, the adage "if you don't measure it, you can't control it" resonates more than ever.

Real-time and precise data acquisition and monitoring are the bedrock upon which effective control systems are built.

At ITS, we specialise in SCADA, PLC, and DCS control solutions that empower your operations with unparalleled data insights and control capabilities.

Real-time Data Acquisition and Monitoring

The heart of any robust control system lies in its ability to gather real-time, accurate data. Our SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition), PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), and DCS (Distributed Control System) solutions are meticulously crafted to provide this essential foundation.

By harnessing the power of advanced technology, we offer seamless data acquisition and monitoring capabilities that serve as the keystone for reliable control.

SCADA, PLC & DCS Control Systems

In both manufacturing and processing industries, achieving reliable control is paramount. Our PLC and SCADA solutions are designed to streamline control processes, revolutionising production data visibility and information flow between control and management systems.

The result? Substantial improvements in production quality and productivity, setting your enterprise on the path to excellence.

Success Stories

National Grid’s Churchover site currently receives gas from the North only. This gas is compressed and piped off the station for delivery...

APM-Accredited Senior Engineers

Quality and timeliness are non-negotiables when it comes to control system implementation. That's why at ITS, we are proud to feature a team of APM-accredited senior engineers.

Our experts are not only well-versed in the intricacies of project management but are also adept at delivering high-quality solutions that respect your deadlines and budget constraints.

Comprehensive Expertise

Our extensive experience spans the entire spectrum of control systems, from single PLCs to intricate networked systems running SCADA or product tracking solutions.

We possess the unique ability to reverse engineer code and provide comprehensive documentation, ensuring the longevity and manageability of your systems.

End-to-End Services

At ITS, we offer a holistic approach to control system solutions. Our team excels in designing and writing code, subjecting it to rigorous testing, and training your operators for seamless integration.

Whether your project calls for a straightforward sequence in ladder logic, a suite of IEC 61131 languages, or a turnkey solution, we have the expertise to make your objectives a reality.

How ITS Can Help?

The control systems we provide at ITS go beyond mere technology; they represent a commitment to efficiency, precision, and excellence.

With real-time data at your fingertips and a team of APM-accredited senior engineers by your side, you can trust us to empower your operations and lead your industry towards a future of controlled success.

If you're ready to transform your control systems, choose ITS, where innovation meets reliability.