Custom Engineering Solutions for Regulated Sectors

Trusted Independent Systems Integrator Providing Comprehensive Automation Solutions

As your trusted independent systems integrator, ITS provides tailored cutting-edge automation solutions to optimise the performance of manufacturing and processing companies. 

We specialise in providing innovative solutions designed to improve operational efficiency, quality, control, data visibility, traceability, and regulatory compliance. 

Our core competencies lie in the design and implementation of various solutions and complementary services, including Business Operational Solutions, Management Information Systems, Process Control Systems, Project Management & Engineering Services and Vision Systems.


Regulated Industry Automation Solutions


Business Operational Solutions

At ITS, we recognise the importance of reliable and up-to-date information in making sound business choices. To that end, we offer a broad selection of advanced business operational solutions designed to help our clients optimise their processes and enhance their decision-making capabilities. Our team of seasoned specialists possesses extensive knowledge of state-of-the-art technologies and resources for effective data handling, analysis, and presentation. Our commitment is to deliver customised solutions that align with our client's individual needs and assist them in attaining their corporate goals.



Management Information Systems

At ITS, we offer management information systems that help clients make informed decisions and streamline operations. Our expert team provides tailored solutions for supply chain optimisation, KPI tracking, Data Analysis and Visualisation and customer relationship management, among other needs. We integrate with existing software and data sources, ensuring a seamless user experience. By understanding our clients' business requirements, we design solutions that align with their objectives, using the latest tools for data management, analysis, and reporting.



Process Control Services

ITS offers comprehensive process control services to industries, including PLC and SCADA solutions for improved data acquisition and monitoring. Our batch control systems follow the S88 standard, ensuring consistent product batches with automated management features. Our distributed control systems enhance process consistency, while our safety systems comply with industry standards. We also provide Legacy System Support & Replacement, FEED & Feasibility Studies, temporary engineering resources, and system support services.



Project Management & Engineering Services

At ITS, we understand that each project is unique, and therefore, we provide comprehensive APM registered project management and quality engineering services that are tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. Whether you need to outsource project management or engineering expertise or require additional resources to manage your engineering projects internally, we offer flexible solutions that will help you achieve your project goals.



Vision Systems

We provide customised vision systems to various industries. For Life Science industries our vision solutions are robust and fully validated. For food and beverage, our solutions increase production efficiency and reduce waste through automation, control, and traceability systems. We also provide process control, lean manufacturing, and automation technologies to chemical and petrochemical, automotive, and aviation industries. Our solutions improve innovation, safety, efficiency, and reliability, delivering cutting-edge technology to meet our clients' unique needs.


Enhancing Processing & Manufacturing with Industry 4.0 Solutions


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