Vision-Guided Robotics for Your Manufacturing Needs

At Industrial Technology Systems Ltd (ITS), we specialise in cutting-edge vision-guided robotic systems that are poised to revolutionise manufacturing processes across highly regulated industries.

Our unwavering commitment to enhancing production efficiency, reliability, and flexibility has positioned us as a leading provider of tailored robotic solutions designed to meet your unique needs.

In the ever-evolving landscape of industrial automation, the fusion of robotics and advanced vision systems has become indispensable.

ITS: Your Path to Manufacturing Excellence

As dedicated systems integrators, ITS goes beyond the off-the-shelf approach. We collaborate closely with you to configure vision systems and provide the essential lighting, software, and robotic components that align precisely with your application requirements.

Additionally, we can design and manufacture bespoke machinery, including hoppers, conveyors, and vibratory beds, to ensure consistent product presentation within your production environment.

Versatile Robotic Solutions for Diverse Industries and Applications

Our expertise extends across a diverse range of sectors, including automotive, food and beverage, chemical, nuclear, pharmaceutical, logistics, and packaging, addressing a multitude of applications:

  • Pick and Place: ITS systems excel in precisely picking and placing objects with pinpoint accuracy, reducing errors and improving overall productivity.

  • Bin Picking: Our technology is proficient in efficiently identifying and selecting items from bins, and streamlining assembly processes.

  • Component Assembly: ITS empowers manufacturers with the ability to automate intricate component assembly tasks, ensuring consistency and precision.

  • Product Sorting: Our vision-guided robots effortlessly sort products based on pre-defined criteria, enhancing quality control and throughput.

  • Palletising and De-palletising: ITS solutions facilitate the automated stacking and unstacking of products onto pallets, reducing labour costs and increasing safety.

  • Product Tracking: ITS systems employ advanced vision technology to track products throughout the production line, providing real-time insights into the manufacturing process.

Success Stories

National Grid’s Churchover site currently receives gas from the North only. This gas is compressed and piped off the station for delivery...

Precision Engineering: Advanced Camera Technology and Calibration Expertise

At the core of our vision-guided robotic systems lie state-of-the-art cameras that play a pivotal role in determining the orientation and position of various components.

Our applications are meticulously developed to meet even the most stringent accuracy tolerances, ensuring unparalleled precision in your manufacturing processes.

These cameras can be strategically mounted on the robot itself or positioned in a fixed location within your production cell or machinery, delivering the essential coordinates to the robotic system.

To guarantee the reliability and accuracy of our solutions, ITS places a strong emphasis on calibration. Our systems are rigorously calibrated to meet the exacting requirements of your application, ensuring consistent performance and minimising the margin of error.

Cutting-Edge Vision-Guided Robotic Systems

With a rich history of successful integration in diverse industries, including nuclear, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and automotive, ITS possesses the experience and expertise necessary to drive innovation and efficiency in your manufacturing operations.

Our vision-guided robotic systems are poised to elevate your production capabilities to new heights, allowing you to meet the demands of an ever-evolving market with confidence.

How ITS can help?

Choose Industrial Technology Systems Ltd for visionary solutions that redefine the future of industrial automation. Experience increased efficiency, reliability, and flexibility like never before.

Contact us today to explore the possibilities of our vision-guided robotic systems and embark on a journey toward manufacturing excellence.