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About Us

A message from Malcolm Knott, ITS’ Managing Director

When I sat down to formulate the concept of the company, I had a specific target in mind. My vision was to create a genuine one-stop-shop for all forms of industrial computing and control. I had seen other companies attempt to achieve this and fail, so I was determined that my new company would be successful and able to offer a comprehensive range of services from 24/7 support through to full systems design, for Management Information systems – through a full range of Validation Services and in control systems from the smallest PLC to the largest DCS.

I knew from my own experience that what was needed was a company that could deliver, had the right attitude and was flexible enough to respond, whatever the customers’ requirements. It had to make the customer the primary concern, and consistently offer the same level of quality and service on all projects, from small upgrades and support contracts to major capital investments.

It was from these initial concepts that ITS was formed in 1991. In the years since then a great deal of hard work and effort has been invested by all the staff of ITS. When I look around the company today, I am proud that we have assembled what I consider to be a superb team of staff. Between them, they are capable of achieving everything initially envisaged. I am also encouraged by the fact that they are now driving the company forward, making it not just a place to work but the place to work.

In recent years many people have told me that ITS is an organisation with large company ideas, and I regard this as a compliment. Whilst I realise that we must not lose sight of our roots, it seems right that we are aiming for the top, and our plans must reflect that. It is for this reason that ITS has created an infrastructure not just for today but for the coming years. It is our intention that ITS develops into a world class company and that we continue to improve and equip ourselves for the future.

I am confident that ITS can benefit your business, and hope that by visiting this website you will find what you are looking for. If not, please call us. You have my word that we will do whatever it takes to help.

What is ITS about? It’s about you – our customers.