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Case Studies

ITS Designs & Implements a Siemens PCS 7 Control System Based on PCS 7 Architecture for National Grid

Validation of MRP II Systems

ITS’ Validation Expertise Improves the Performance of a Medical Device Manufacturer

ITS' Vendor Auditing Team Minimises the Risks Encountered by Their Customers

Software Programming Improves the Speed of Label Detection and Inspection for AstraZeneca

ITS Helps IMA UK's Technicians to Deliver Training Courses 'Right First Time'

ITS' Solution Improves Batch Consistency, Quality and Reduces Waste Levels for Hammerite

Chemical Manufacturer Achieves over 99% Process Reliability Thanks to ITS' Batch Control Team

Bespoke ISA-88 Batch System Developed to Improve a Chemical Manufacturer's Process Performance

Control Systems Can Now Be Debugged Prior to Decommissioning

Vision Systems for Syringe Inspections

ITS' Vision Expertise Assists Their Customers in Improving Their Production Processes

Investment in a Vision Inspection System Guarantees 100% in Quality Assurance

Traceability System for Tablets, Syringes and Liquids

Traceability System for an Electronics Company

ITS and Cognex In-Sight Vision Sensors provide 100% Traceability and Quality Assurance for TRW Automotive

ITS Installs a Cognex In-Sight Vision System to Accurately Inspect Chocolate Bars

ITS Provides Validation Resource to GlaxoSmithKline

FUSION Centralises - and Simplifies - Operations

ITS Installs a Vision Categorisation System for a Tyre Manufacturer

ITS Vision Solution for Automotive Component Inspection

ITS & Honeywell’s TDC 3000 Improve Efficiency and Safety for a Chemical Manufacturer

INEOS Chlor Improves Energy Efficiency

Vision Solution to Inspect Food Jars

SCADA system improves the performance of Gatwick Airport baggage handling systems

ITS Implements a ProVisor & Vision Solution on Sanofi’s Inhaler Packaging Line

ITS Enhances Magnox’s Fuel Tracking System to Meet Plant Modifications

ITS Ensures INEOS ChlorVinyls Business Management is Based on Trusted Information

ITS Ltd Implements a Solution to Maximise the Operational Efficiency of Philips AVENT’s New Natural Baby Bottle Line