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ITS Signs a Partnership with SATO UK to Improve the Print and Label Management Performance of Healthcare Companies

posted: June 12th 2017

ITS has signed a prestige partnership agreement with SATO UK, to increase the company’s print and labelling management portfolio for the healthcare industry.

SATO UK offers a comprehensive range of labelling and auto-identification solutions for the healthcare, retail, industrial, logistics and government sectors. In addition to manufacturing high-performance thermal printers, SATO UK is also a market leader in handheld labellers, automatic print and apply systems and RFID technology. The company’s product portfolio also includes real-time stock management solutions based on RFID technology. SATO UK’s PJM RFID-enabled cabinets deliver unprecedented real-time inventory accuracy and accountability in a simple, interactive package, designed to improve operations whilst delivering stock management accuracy.

SATO UK provides solutions to the healthcare sector based on absolute positive identification of patients, medications, specimens and samples, treatments, lab results and records. Positive identification protects patient safety and helps avoid medical errors, while increasing hospital’s productivity and reducing their costs. SATO printers can print industry-compliant barcode symbologies and formats. They are designed for use in environments that require high standards of hygiene and cleanliness. The SATO labels, ribbons and wristbands are tested to withstand environment challenges: contacts with body fluids, blood, xylene and virtually every kind of chemicals and water as well as extreme cold and heat.

Through the prestige partnership, ITS will be able to offer a range of print and label management services and solutions including the development and integration of thermal printers, print and apply systems, RFID technology and print/label management software solutions. With over 26 years of experience in the healthcare industry, the solutions offered by ITS will be fully validated to meet regulatory requirements and designed to improve the print and label management reliability and efficiency performance of healthcare companies.

ITS has been offering automation solutions involving the integration of printers, labellers, vision systems and code readers in the healthcare industries for many years. Malcolm Knott, ITS’ Managing Director explains, “In 2004, ITS formed a partnership with Cognex, the leader in machine vision technology. Since then we have gained an excellent reputation in the design and integration of validated vision systems, code readers, print and labelling solutions in highly regulated industries. We are delighted to announce our new partnership with SATO UK. The product range will complement our current portfolio and skillset and it will enable us to offer a more comprehensive range of 21 CFR Part 11 compliant print management, labelling and inspection turnkey solutions to meet the requirements of the MHRA and FDA.”