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Why is it rewarding to be an engineer at ITS?

posted: August 6th 2020

ITS is well-known for the company’s strong commitment to supporting and guiding talented young people, especially when they start their careers in engineering roles.

We are particularly proud to introduce Laura. She has been with the company for more than 20 years now and has inspired many young women in the industry.

Laura started at ITS in 1999 as an apprentice. Since then she has worked in different positions and has learnt all the tricks and tips of engineering. Laura was given the opportunity to spend time in different engineering departments at ITS, to enable her to work out where she wanted to focus her career.

Laura remembers, “Mathematics and physics were always my strong subjects in school, starting from a young age. When I showed an interest in engineering jobs, my dad was concerned, but I still decided to apply! I achieved an apprenticeship at ITS and started my first year at EMTA.”

In her last year at EMTA (Engineering and Marine Training Authority), Laura was awarded the prominent “Top Engineering Design” award as Technician of the Year.

“I am still very proud of that achievement.”, she explains.

Now, Laura works as a project engineer, and her responsibility is to lead and manage automation projects during the whole project lifecycle, from the initial designs, through regular client communication, to the final testing steps of the project.

“ITS is a great place to work as an engineer. The company offers a very supportive and inspiring environment. There is so much variety in my job. Every day is different. I enjoy providing engineering solutions tailored to meet each customer’s needs. I have the skill set to work on projects that improve people’s lives, and that is really rewarding.”, she says.

Laura contributes to the success of each project by delivering complex scopes of work including documentation writing, system design, integration, testing, validation and training, efficiently and safely.

She claims, “I believe the industry needs more female engineers. The only boundary to your success is you. I have never regretted my decision and I love being an engineer at ITS!”