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Vision Guided Robotics Systems

Industrial Technology Systems Ltd (ITS) specialises in offering vision guided robots solutions to help manufacturers to increase production efficiency, reliability and flexibility.

Robotics and vision systems are used in the automotive, food/beverage, chemical, nuclear, pharmaceutical, logistics and packaging sectors for many applications including:

  • Pick and place
  • Bin picking
  • Component assembly
  • Product sorting
  • Palletising and de-palletising
  • Product tracking

As a specialist systems integrator, ITS configures vision systems, provides suitable lighting, software and cobots or robots to meet your application requirements. As well as the vision system and robot, ITS can offer bespoke machinery including hoppers, conveyors and vibratory beds to present the products consistently.

The cameras are used to determine the orientation and position of the parts and applications can be developed to meet fine accuracy tolerances. The cameras can be mounted from the robot or placed in a fixed position in the cell or machinery to provide the coordinates to the robotics system. The solutions are calibrated to ensure that they meet the accuracy requirements.

ITS has experience in integrating vision guided robotics solutions in a range of industries including nuclear, food/beverage, pharmaceutical and automotive.