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Smart Offices & Factories

The principles behind smart buildings, factories and even cities are similar to the control and monitoring requirements we’ve practiced for years, you need to gather information, be it temperatures, flows, pressures, running hours, utilisation or even environmental data, and then visualise and analyse the information with these technologies and the advent of IoT devices and cloud services provide a wider range of uses and benefits.

When these technologies are applied to a building, factory, or a city full of people, you can look beyond simple factory control to environmental wellbeing for the occupants of entire factories or office blocks. You can offer your people more flexibility with data driven insights placed right into their hands. Not only can you look after and improve the hard FM tasks of routine maintenance but the softer FM tasks to provide room booking, hot desking, occupancy and office utilisation and in a post Covid world, track who has used what spaces and equipment and reallocate space more readily.

Space and room control in the physical sense, temperature, air conditioning etc. can be combined with searching, booking and even way finding. We can provide you with occupant notification, amenity space promotion, track and trace capability and experience feedback from your visitors and staff.

Smart buildings offering Lobby and Kiosk signage, visitor management together with desk and room availability, to make sure people get to their destination and remain safe at all times are all available to you, staff and visitors alike. By providing interactive geospatial maps, the building becomes a great venue for event management and keeping people safe within the location. All accessible on laptop, tablet, or smart phone.

If you want more than a reception area, want to make sure your people can be as productive as possible by creating experiences that they will talk about long after they leave your building, call and lets talk about what you need.

Our Smart Building Solutions can be provided using either on premise or SaaS based service models.