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Digital Twins with a Purpose

ITS partners with ICONICS to provide ‘Digital Twins with a purpose’. A Digital Twin is a data driven replication of the real-world objects they represent.

ITS can provide a geospatial digital twin which simplifies the understanding of the users and by offering the capability to utilise mixed reality via Microsoft HoloLens and other VR wearable devices, can create a user experience that allows your staff to walk around your digital twin and even use it for training purposes to keep people and property safe.

Our solution will provide convergence of the IT / OT world, allowing you to view both real time information and perform historical analysis – with the added advantage of predictive data analysis too.

Our system is device and data source agnostic, no expensive refits with ‘supplier equipment for the full effect’ and we provide user centric experiences via a range of Apps.

With unparalleled operational apps and data workflows we can provide a user experience to beat the rest.

Building and Asset information integration including metadata, AutoCAD import etc. will provide users of the system with the ability to visualise their digital twin and check “what if” scenarios before any expensive changes are even made.

Typical uses of the technology include entire factory or key element replication, HVAC, Process, Office space – or entire buildings allowing ‘usage based billing’ to be easily accommodated, and routine maintenance to be ‘need based’ rather than ‘time scheduling’ which can often result in unnecessary maintenance expenditure.

If you have a whole plant, building or even just a few key items, talk to ITS about your digital twin requirements and we will show you our systems capabilities.