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R and D Expertise Areas

Our expertise areas are Pharmaceuticals, Biopharma, Medical Device, Chemicals and most recently Food Manufacture, with a view to safe production and safe produce.

Perhaps you work in these areas too? We have recently been using the skills of our team in the chemical and pharmaceuticals arenas to develop new automated sample preparation methods – as they say – “you cannot control what you can’t measure”

As a company we employ qualified engineers with a range of skill sets – Chemical, Mechanical, Electrical, Process Design, Control and Information Technology – bringing the right blend of these skills together allowed us to look at ‘what’s in the market now?’ – ‘what do we need to be able to achieve?’ Start point – Qualified Lab personnel needed – sample prep = 1.5 – 2 hours / sample.

Having identified there are no commercially available on/in line solutions for this mass spectrometry requirement, our first challenge was to reduce the time from sample to result such that we could still affect the production process and bring the products back in spec.

Another issue to be tackled was the skills required to enable sample preparation – so, requirement is simple – Faster and Less skill needed, oh, and to propose a solid, robust solution.

Outcome – a system that automates the entire process, specialist skill set needed = none – Time from Sample to Result < 10 minutes (we think we can make it faster!)

Innovation, often entails, using existing technology in a new and novel way, combining systems never before used together to build a new solution – maybe your solution is out there, it’s just not been assembled in the right way yet? Our wide skill sets and experience of other ‘innovative solutions’ might be all that is missing, why not call and talk?