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Cyber Security for Operational Technology

Industrial Technology Systems Ltd (ITS) offers a range of cyber security solutions to protect your critical assets aimed at both the IT and Operational Technology (OT). The latter includes Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems, used for controlling and monitoring operations in critical operations which may extend across multiple remote sites, with automation devices controlled from a central control room.

Cyber threats to SCADA systems have in recent years been on the rise. Terrorist and other organisations, and criminals have targeted on critical operations that utilise SCADA systems due to these systems’ inherent vulnerabilities and the huge potential to disrupt civilian and business life and cause high financial losses to the facilities. Other cyber criminal activities are carried out by individuals searching for vulnerable sites and then hacking to see what disruption they can cause, often with no other purpose other than denial of service or for ransom.

In partnership with Radiflow, ITS offers a security tool-set to validate the behaviour of both M2M (machine to machine) applications and H2M (human to machine) sessions in distributed operational networks.

These security solutions are available both as in-line gateways for remote sites and, as a non-intrusive IDS (Intrusion Detection System) that can be deployed per site or centrally. In addition, a risk assessment and management platform is available which uses a fully automated, data driven risk assessment algorithm to calculate the actual monetary/HSE impact of each risk mitigation measure.

ITS offers the following cyber security services and solutions:

  • Cyber Security Assessments and Reports
  • Cyber Security Intrusion Detection Systems
  • Cyber Security Service Management Tool
  • Monitoring and Management of Cyber Security Across Facilities Worldwide
  • Business Driven Industrial Risk Analytics