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Data Analytics

Value you have already created but may not yet tapped into

Many companies have started to think about the value that may be hidden within the data that they have created and stored in their data historians. Alternatively, they may have a stream of data being constantly generated and not appropriately analysed. More attention is being paid to the value of this data now that initiatives like Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are becoming more prevalent in the process sector.

However, we must not run before we stand up. Many companies can be lost in a sea of data or lack the skill and/or management time to understand where to even start utilising the data. Staff may not know what modern techniques are available to help them. ITS can be the initiator or the sounding board to help you get on track with this, enabling access to the value you have already created but not yet used in your data files.

ITS’ team has supported companies to access this value through data normalisation (getting it ready for analysis) then data screening and visualisation, allowing modern statistical techniques to be used to identify meaningful relationships with improvement potential. The data can come from machinery (reducing maintenance costs), process (improving process efficiency and eliminating down time), quality control (process validation), research and development (focusing and reducing experiments) within process industries such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, polymers, biotechnology, food and energy production.

Furthermore, statistical techniques can be introduced to build process models from the data to allow the impact of changes to be tested offline. EMP studies (evaluating measurements) and Design of Experiments can also be illuminating. Sometimes a third-party view from ITS showing what is possible can be enough to get the ball rolling, enabling you to access value you have already created but not yet accessed in your data logging systems.

ITS can introduce, support and develop this expertise in your organisation.