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ANSI/ISA-88 (S88) Consultancy

ANSI/ISA-88 (S88) initially approved by the ISA in 1995 and was updated in 2010, the international standard for flexibility in manufacturing and processing industries, was introduced in 1995 to improve the production flexibility of the batch processing industry. Although the standard was designed for batch plants, the principles can also be applied to flexible manufacturing practices, both discrete and continuous.

Industrial Technology Systems Ltd (ITS) specialises in the design and implementation of batch control systems using the ISA-88 (S88) standard. ITS’ knowledge and experience in the application of ISA-88 (S88) enables the team to offer advice and consultancy in its application.

The ISA-88 (S88) standard has been developed across the following four parts, to simplify and improve the design, operation and performance of batch processing plants.

ISA-88.01 – Models and Terminology

ISA-88.01 provides three models. The physical model is introduced to structure the physical plant equipment and the procedural and process models, to effectively organise the process and production rules. ISA-88.01 aligns the equipment and the procedures to produce a flexible manufacturing process.

ISA-88.02 – Data Structures and Guidelines for Languages

ISA-88.02 introduces data models to describe batch control, data structures to facilitate effective communications during a batch control implementation and provides language guidelines for recipe descriptions.

ISA-88.03 – General and Site Recipe Models and Representation

ISA-88.03 was introduced to extend the recipe definitions in Part 1. Part 3 describes and defines two recipe types, general and site recipes, and introduces a model to show the relationship between the two recipes.

ISA-88.04 – Production Records

ISA-88.04 was introduced provide a detailed description of production record requirements and defines a model for the effective storage and exchange of these records. Solutions implemented using this element of the standard will achieve seamless retrieval, analysis and reporting of production record information.

The main aim of the ISA-88 (S88) standard is to separate recipes from the equipment, which means your team can change and create recipes quickly and easily using the same equipment, without the need for significant software changes.

Companies using the ISA-88 (S88) standard have reported significant improvements in process performance, flexibility, yield, time to market and manufacturing cycle times. The standard also improves communications between the supplier, systems integrator and customer, and reduces operator actions.