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Airport Information Management Systems

FUSION AIMS is a real-time Airport Information Management System, designed to improve the efficiency, customer service, and on-time performance of the aviation industry.

Developed by ITS, the FUSION AIMS system reliably gathers real-time data and presents the data in a variety of formats including tables, graphs and diagrams. The system presents the real-time status of equipment, passenger flows, and conditions in a dashboard format, allows management personnel to analyse data carry out current historical performance comparisons.

AIMS is flexible and can be integrated to monitor a wide range of passenger sensitive equipment, i.e. lifts, escalators, conveyors, baggage handling systems, x-ray machines and sorters as well as passenger queue lengths, baggage counts, flow rates, the use and availability of check in desks, conditions e.g. temperature and humidity and therefore helps you manage your energy in an optimised manner.

FUSION AIMS can gather data for the entire airport, individual terminals, check in areas, individual desks, airlines or handling agents. Using FUSION AIMS an airport’s performance can be monitored against Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and alerts can be raised when they are at risk of not being achieved.

The FUSION Airport Information Management System delivers the following impressive benefits to the aviation industry:

  • Cost savings through equipment performance and maintenance improvements and the minimisation of third party fines
  • Increased management availability to spend on other improvement activities as the system automatically collects the data and produces real-time reports
  • Increased asset efficiency by monitoring the equipment status, and providing automatic alerts i.e. SMS, on-screen alerts and emails if problems arise
  • Improved equipment maintenance as the system supplies timely accurate information enabling the management team to plan maintenance activities more effectively, based on equipment usage, condition and threshold
  • Improved service standards through increases in the availability of passenger sensitive equipment e.g. lifts, escalators and travalators, faster repair times through increased visibility and the introduction of reliable, automatic alerts, if problems occur

FUSION AIMS is based on two key products: a data historian and ITS’ FUSION reporting tool. The data historian is used to perform the following functions:

  • To read and manipulate equipment status from the existing data collection systems
  • To store information in a data historian, designed for fast retrieval
  • To buffer data so that process information is not lost if the main server is down or the network is unavailable

FUSION reporting, an Intranet-based tool is designed to present historical data and offers the following key features:

  • Time based - the system can show both current and historical data
  • Graphical and tabular reports
  • Zero footprint - the system can be used on-site with a locked-down desktop
  • Controlled manual data entry

FUSION AIMS resides on a Windows Server and reliably collects and stores data from thousands of items. Data from any OPC-compliant system can be acquired and stored.

FUSION AIMS is fully configurable to suit the user’s needs, with the ability to include custom logos, help files and colour schemes.

Because AIMS is a time-aware system, the user can view reports and act on incidents as they occur to limit impact on the airport and prevent further problems. FUSION AIMS can also be configured to alert appropriate users when specific circumstances arise.