Helping to protect the planet for future generations – ITS becomes Carbon Negative

Posted: March 10th, 2022

Author: ITS


Climate issues are some of the defining issues of our time. As a business, we believe we have a responsibility to do our bit to help protect the planet for our future generations.

As a result of our commitment, ITS is proud to announce that we are now carbon negative.

"We have to protect our planet for future generations."

ITS set a target 4 years ago to be carbon neutral in 3 years. That was achieved 6 months ahead of target in October 2020.

Our ambition to become carbon negative built on our 2020 achievement of carbon neutrality, and at the beginning of 2021 we set ourselves the target to be carbon negative within 12 months, something we have just achieved in our new financial year by around 20 te per annum.

Actions such as changing lighting, changing suppliers of energy to be carbon neutral energy suppliers have all helped reduce our carbon footprint, leaving us a minimum amount to offset of around 20 te, and we chose to become negative by a similar amount of our residual footprint before offsetting.

As a result, our residual carbon footprint is 20 tonnes: we offset by 40 tonnes to give effective 20 tonnes negative.  40 te (tonnes) offset certificate provided.

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