ITS fully support the introduction of Small Modular Reactors to Teesside: A New Era of Nuclear Power

Posted: February 8th, 2024

Author: ITS

Power and Energy

The industrial landscape of Teesside is poised for a transformative shift with the announcement of Westinghouse Electric Company's collaboration with Community Nuclear Power, Ltd. (CNP) to introduce the United Kingdom's first privately-financed fleet of small modular reactors (SMRs), centred around the innovative AP300™ technology. This pioneering project, earmarked for the North Teesside region, signs a significant leap towards sustainable energy production, aligning with the increasing industrial growth and demand for carbon-free electricity in the area.

Andrew Mills, Managing Director of Industrial Technology Systems (ITS) Ltd, and NOF Chairman has openly expressed his enthusiasm for the project's implications for the region and the broader UK energy sector, stating, "We are delighted to see further investment in Teesside and the plans to bring new nuclear to our region. This initiative aligns with ITS' commitment to fostering innovation in energy solutions and its readiness to play a role in this groundbreaking venture." This sentiment reflects the broader optimism surrounding the project, expected to commence commercial operation by the early 2030s.

The agreement between Westinghouse and CNP to construct four AP300 SMRs marks an unprecedented move towards the private delivery of advanced, proven SMR technology within the UK. Targeting commercial operation by the early 2030s,  and a fully licenced site by 2027, the project is being spearheaded with private funding and with the collaboration of key partners. This endeavour is not only in step with the UK Government's Alternative Routes to Market for New Nuclear Projects consultation but also enhances Westinghouse's participation in Great British Nuclear’s (GBN) SMR technology selection process.

Paul Foster, CEO of Community Nuclear Power, highlighted the collaborative essence of this project, stating, "This project brings together Westinghouse’s proven technology and mature supply chain with our depth of expertise in nuclear programme delivery, in a region that is transforming its industrial landscape." It's a sentiment that resonates with ITS's vision of leveraging nuclear energy for sustainable industrial and economic growth.

Andrew Mills suggests the proven nuclear expertise of ITS would significantly contribute to this local initiative, which is poised to revolutionise the energy landscape and usher in a new chapter of clean, reliable, and sustainable energy solutions.

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