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Allen-Bradley Training

  • Allen-Bradley SLC 500 Training

    The course aims to provide engineers and technicians with the knowledge and skills to enable them to diagnose, fault-find and maintain Allen-Bradley SLC 500 Programmable Logic Controllers, in a safe and competent manner.

    The course provides the learners with the skills to write simple software code, configure the hardware and enter comments.  The learners will gain confidence in connecting the programming software to the PLC processor, and monitoring the PLC software using the live software or a table of variables.  The attendees are also instructed in the use of forcing variables.

    The Allen-Bradley SLC 500 course enables the learners to download programs to the target hardware and upload programs in a similar manner.  It covers the maintenance of the PLC, changing the battery periodically and ensuring a full copy of the running software is maintained off-line.