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Cognex In-Sight Vision Systems Training

  • Cognex In-Sight Vision Systems Training Course

    The course aims to provide engineers and technicians with the knowledge and skills to use Cognex In-Sight Explorer software in a confident manner. By applying the tools, the learners will gain a good understanding of the features that the In-Sight range offers and an appreciation of the range’s powerful inspection, identification and guidance capabilities in manufacturing environments.

    This course is designed for beginners to machine vision and will cover the basics including how the vision systems work, field of view, image acquisition, resolution and lighting techniques.

    The course will progress and provide the learners with the skills to write a job file, connect to the camera and set up an image. The learners will gain confidence in using In-Sight Explorer software and the wide range of tools available to program the cameras.

    The course will provide the learners with the skills to diagnose and carry out fault finding activities.