Enhancing Business Intelligence with ITS Data and Historian Systems

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, access to real-time, accurate information is pivotal for informed decision-making.

At ITS, we are committed to providing cutting-edge management information systems that empower our clients to optimise their operations and elevate their decision-making prowess.

With our team of seasoned experts and a suite of bespoke solutions, we are your trusted partner in achieving your business objectives.

Revolutionising Industrial Data Management

In an era where the process industry generates an unprecedented amount of data, the need for advanced tools to store, process, and analyse this data has never been greater.

ITS' data and historian systems offer a robust and secure solution to efficiently manage industrial data. No matter where your manufacturing processes are located – be it across regions or continents – our systems ensure seamless data access for global decision-making.

Our expert team is at your disposal to offer invaluable guidance on data management best practices, including data normalisation, screening, and visualisation.

Unveiling the Power of Data Historians

At the heart of our data and historian systems lies the data historian, a software program designed to record process data within computer systems. Widely employed across diverse industries, data historians play a pivotal role in gathering crucial operational insights.

These records encompass a wide array of information, including analogue data such as CPU temperature, equipment RPMs, flow rates, and digital readings like valve positions and limit switches.

Furthermore, our systems meticulously capture quality assurance data and alerts, ensuring you have comprehensive insights at your fingertips.

Success Stories

National Grid’s Churchover site currently receives gas from the North only. This gas is compressed and piped off the station for delivery...

A Legacy of Excellence

Having evolved over three decades, data historians have cemented their place in industries such as pharmaceuticals, oil and gas, chemicals, and paper and pulp.

They offer not only secure data storage but also rapid retrieval capabilities, enhancing the reliability and uptime of critical systems. However, to harness the full potential of data historians, specialised expertise is indispensable.

Empowering Your Plant's Efficiency

Data historians are the linchpin in streamlining data acquisition and storage across your plant. When coupled with advanced analytics tools, process manufacturing companies can unlock a treasure trove of insights into their operations.

This newfound visibility enables you to enhance agility, maximise efficiency, and ultimately drive profitability, even in the most competitive markets.

Why Choose ITS?

When you partner with ITS, you gain access to a wealth of experience and innovation in data and historian systems.

Our solutions are tailor-made to meet your specific needs, ensuring a seamless integration into your existing infrastructure.

We prioritise data security and reliability, guaranteeing that your critical information is always available when you need it.

How ITS can help?

ITS is not just a provider of data and historian systems; we are your strategic ally in leveraging data to drive success.

Embrace the power of data-driven decision-making, streamline your operations, and gain a competitive edge with ITS. Your journey to enhanced efficiency and profitability starts here.