Enhancing Simulation Services at ITS: Streamlining Industrial Control

For over two decades, Industrial Technology Systems Ltd (ITS) has been at the forefront of delivering cutting-edge simulation solutions.

Our core mission is to simulate process control system field I/O operations with precision and efficiency.

Over the years, we've harnessed a range of tools, including PICS Pro and Siemens SIMIT, to revolutionise how industries test and debug plant control (PLC), SCADA, and DCS systems across the entire project lifecycle.

The Power of Plant Simulation

Our highly intuitive plant simulation packages enable us to achieve unparalleled accuracy when testing and debugging plant control systems.

These simulations serve as invaluable tools throughout the project lifecycle, facilitating the development and testing of system changes and providing enhanced training for operators within an offline environment.

True-to-Life Simulations

Our simulation systems are engineered to replicate field I/O operations precisely, effectively replacing field devices in real-world scenarios.

The absence of simulation software within the PLC or DCS ensures that the control system operates seamlessly, mirroring its behaviour in the actual plant or process.

Our simulations go beyond positive path testing; they rigorously assess negative path scenarios, such as valve failures and pump malfunctions, to guarantee optimal software performance under all conditions.

Reimagining I/O Testing

At ITS, we simulate both digital and analogue plant I/O, organising them into device objects such as valves and reactor vessels.

This innovative approach eliminates the need for traditional hardwired switch boxes and lights, drastically reducing the time and cost associated with wiring and testing.

With software-based simulation, control system testing can be conducted efficiently, even in the absence of a process expert, ensuring that the software operates flawlessly in line with the control system's design documentation.

Success Stories

To meet increasing customer demands for consistent, structured and documented training for its staff, IMA UK's response was to look for a supplier that could provide its technicians with the pre-requisite skills and knowledge.

Accelerating Acceptance Testing

Utilising dynamic simulation models significantly reduces the time required for site acceptance testing and commissioning activities.

This minimises downtime during installation and can save precious hours or even days, depending on the system's scale.

Simulation software empowers seamless system changes or replacements during shorter shutdown periods while validating complex plant failure modes and rollback processes.

Comprehensive Logging and Monitoring

Our simulation systems feature logger functions that capture performance data and operational metrics during use.

ITS has pioneered systems that enable control systems to run continuously for 24-hour periods and schedule simulated plant faults to test software operation.

These loggers facilitate data analysis, confirming the control system's satisfactory performance under fault conditions, even during unattended periods such as overnight or weekends.

This extended software bench testing ensures robust validation and reliability.

Operator Training and Certification

Simulation models play a pivotal role in operator training systems, offering a secure, risk-free environment for operators to acquire expertise in plant operations and manage abnormal situations.

This training ensures that operators attain the status of Suitably Qualified and Experienced Operators. Well-trained operators lead to improved product quality, waste reduction, cost savings, and safe plant operations.

Additionally, simulation systems facilitate the onboarding of new staff, familiarising them with plant operations before they interact with the actual equipment, thus mitigating operational risks.

Our Commitment to Quality

At ITS, we prioritise customer satisfaction and strict adherence to industry guidelines. Simulation software benefits both solution providers and customers, reducing installation costs and enabling thorough pre-installation testing.

Our simulation systems have proved invaluable in highly regulated industries, including airports, chemical, energy, nuclear, and pharmaceutical sectors.

As regulatory standards continue to evolve, ITS remains at the forefront, providing rigorous testing regimes and unparalleled system accuracy.

With the majority of our systems utilising the PICS/SIMIT package, customers can trust in seamless implementation with minimal process disruption.

How ITS can help?

ITS continues to revolutionise simulation services, delivering unmatched accuracy, efficiency, and reliability in industrial control testing.

Our commitment to innovation ensures that our customers receive the highest quality solutions, enabling them to meet industry standards and regulatory requirements with confidence.