Empowering Deep Learning Solutions with ITS

At ITS, we pride ourselves on offering cutting-edge deep learning inspection technology solutions through our esteemed partnership with Cognex, a leader in machine vision technologies.

Harnessing the remarkable power of artificial intelligence (AI), Cognex's Deep Learning technology is poised to revolutionise industries by enhancing yield, minimising waste, and elevating product quality.

Cognex Deep Learning: The Pinnacle of Inspection Technology

Cognex's Deep Learning technology stands at the forefront of inspection technology, powered by state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms.

This sophisticated technology seamlessly integrates AI with Cognex's acclaimed In-Sight D900 and VisionPro software, providing an automated solution for a spectrum of complex tasks.

From intricate part localisation and assembly verification to defect detection, classification, and character reading inspection applications, Cognex Deep Learning delivers unparalleled efficiency.

Our Comprehensive Deep Learning Solutions

With the adoption of Cognex's deep learning technology, the ITS team can craft innovative solutions to address critical challenges:

Locate Parts and Perform Assembly Verification: Our solutions ensure precise part localisation and assembly verification, guaranteeing flawless production processes.

Detect Unpredictable and Variable Defects: Cognex Deep Learning empowers our systems to identify unpredictable and variable defects, bolstering quality control measures.

Read OCR Under Challenging Conditions: Even under the most demanding conditions, our solutions excel at optical character recognition (OCR), enhancing data extraction and analysis.

Classify Defects for Improved Quality and Process Control: We employ deep learning to classify defects accurately, facilitating comprehensive quality control and process optimisation.

Success Stories

Industrial Technology Systems Ltd was awarded the contract to provide a turnkey control system including the design, procurement, programming, system integration, delivery, installation, commissioning, documentation, training, and on-going support.

Human-Like Flexibility Meets Machine Consistency

Deep learning bridges the gap between human flexibility and machine consistency. It allows us to tackle intricate vision applications that would be insurmountably complex to program and maintain using traditional machine vision approaches.

One of the remarkable aspects of deep learning is its capacity to differentiate unacceptable defects while accommodating natural variations within intricate patterns. This adaptability ensures precision and consistency, surpassing the capabilities of traditional systems.

A Leap in AI Technology

In essence, deep learning imparts machines and robots with the ability to learn by example, mirroring the intuitive nature of human learning.

This revolutionary technology endows them with the prowess to recognise images, discern trends, and make intelligent predictions and decisions.

In the dynamic landscape of modern industries, efficiency and precision are paramount. ITS, in collaboration with Cognex's Deep Learning technology, provides a transformative solution that empowers your business to excel.

How ITS can help?

With a steadfast commitment to innovation and quality, we are poised to revolutionise your operations, enhancing productivity and product excellence.

ITS' deep learning solutions offer a gateway to a future where machines seamlessly collaborate with humans, harnessing the power of AI to drive progress and elevate standards across industries. Experience the future today with ITS and Cognex's Deep Learning technology.