Maximising Efficiency and Compliance with ITS Food Traceability Systems

In an era where regulatory compliance and consumer trust are paramount, food and beverage manufacturers face an ever-increasing demand for transparency and traceability.

The European Union's regulation 178/2002/EC mandates that food products be traced meticulously throughout their entire production journey.

In line with EU food law, traceability is defined as "the ability to trace and follow a food, feed, food-producing animal, or substance through all stages of production, processing, and distribution."

To meet these stringent requirements, manufacturers are turning to computerised traceability systems, such as those offered by Industrial Technology Systems Ltd (ITS).

The Power of Computerised Traceability Systems

Computerised traceability systems represent a quantum leap in the management of food supply chains.

By seamlessly collecting real-time data at every stage of the manufacturing process, these systems empower manufacturers to connect raw ingredients from suppliers to the final product. These systems compile a wealth of essential information, including:

  • Receipt of raw materials

  • Raw ingredients utilised in each product batch

  • Backward and forward product tracking

  • Real-time production flow

  • Stock rotation

  • Process parameters per product

This transition from paper-based record-keeping to computerised solutions has gained momentum, thanks to the numerous benefits it offers.

Computerised traceability systems provide real-time access, demand minimal operator intervention, and reduce the likelihood of human errors.

Success Stories

To meet increasing customer demands for consistent, structured and documented training for its staff, IMA UK's response was to look for a supplier that could provide its technicians with the pre-requisite skills and knowledge.

ITS: A Pioneer in Traceability Systems

Since its inception in 1991, Industrial Technology Systems Ltd (ITS) has been at the forefront of designing and implementing traceability systems in the food and beverage industry.

As an independent solution provider, ITS tailors solutions to meet the unique needs of each customer. ITS excels in offering comprehensive support in traceability and Manufacturing Execution System (MES) solutions.

Whether customers require assistance in identifying their specific needs, drafting User Requirement Specifications (URS), or meeting regulatory demands, ITS's expert team is there every step of the way.

ITS takes pride in its ability to integrate solutions within specific plant areas, demonstrating their ROI potential before implementing them site-wide. Furthermore, ITS specialises in crafting bespoke traceability systems tailored to the exacting requirements of food and beverage manufacturers.

Elevating Efficiency with MES Solutions

The food industry's reliance on PLCs and SCADA systems for automating production processes is well-established. However, in an increasingly competitive landscape, manufacturers are seeking avenues to enhance their operations.

MES solutions, often incorporating product traceability modules, offer a robust answer to this quest for improvement. These systems not only gather real-time data at the shop floor level but also present it in an easily understandable format.

Imagine the possibilities with instant access to critical information, including:

  • Identification of bottlenecks and root causes

  • Line, operator, and product yield analysis

  • Real-time work-in-progress (WIP) levels

  • Data on waste and downtime

  • Equipment management insights to optimise maintenance planning and reduce failures

This wealth of data serves as the cornerstone for enhancing production efficiency, product quality, scheduling precision, customer satisfaction, and cost control.

How ITS can help?

ITS has established itself as a leading provider of advanced food traceability systems and MES solutions, helping food and beverage manufacturers meet regulatory requirements, enhance operational efficiency, and ensure the highest standards of product quality.

With ITS by your side, your company can navigate the complex landscape of modern food production with confidence, staying ahead of the competition and delivering superior products to consumers.