Track & Trace Solutions by ITS: Streamlining Asset Management and Beyond

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, effective asset tracking and management are essential for optimising operations and ensuring the safety and security of your assets.

ITS offers a comprehensive Track & Trace solution designed to revolutionise asset management.

With our Digital Twin toolset, we empower organisations to efficiently track, monitor, and enhance the performance of their assets throughout their entire lifecycle.

Asset Tracking Simplified

Our Digital Twin toolset provides a seamless process for uploading, tagging, and auditing both new and existing assets.

This streamlined approach ensures a quick and efficient means of incorporating digital assets into your ecosystem.

Once added, our system captures valuable operational data, enabling you to gain deeper insights into asset performance and usage patterns.

Digital Twins with a Purpose

At ITS, we've partnered with ICONICS to offer "Digital Twins with a purpose." A Digital Twin is essentially a data-driven replica of real-world objects and processes.

Through innovative technologies like Microsoft HoloLens and VR wearables, our solution transforms your digital twin into an immersive experience. Your staff can literally walk through the digital twin, utilising it for training and safety purposes.

What sets us apart is our commitment to convergence between the IT and OT (Operational Technology) worlds. Our system seamlessly integrates real-time information and historical analysis. Moreover, it leverages predictive data analysis to help you stay ahead of the curve.

Success Stories

To meet increasing customer demands for consistent, structured and documented training for its staff, IMA UK's response was to look for a supplier that could provide its technicians with the pre-requisite skills and knowledge.

Device and Data Source Agnostic

ITS takes pride in being device and data source agnostic. Our solution doesn't necessitate costly equipment upgrades. Instead, we offer user-centric experiences through a range of dedicated apps.

With unmatched operational apps and streamlined data workflows, we guarantee a superior user experience that surpasses the competition.

Visualising Possibilities

One of the key benefits of our system is its ability to integrate building and asset information, including metadata and AutoCAD imports.

This empowers users to visualise their digital twin and explore "what if" scenarios. Before making significant investments in changes or modifications, you can assess the potential impact, saving valuable resources.

Typical applications of our technology span a wide spectrum, from replicating entire factories to monitoring HVAC systems, office spaces, or even entire buildings.

The flexibility of our solution enables "usage-based billing," reducing unnecessary maintenance expenditures by shifting from time-based to need-based maintenance.

How ITS can help?

Whether you have a large manufacturing plant, an extensive building portfolio, or just a few critical assets, ITS is here to meet your digital twin needs.

Our cutting-edge solutions are designed to maximise efficiency, enhance safety, and drive operational excellence.

Contact us today to explore the capabilities of our Track & Trace system and revolutionise your asset management practices. Unlock a world of possibilities with ITS.